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Wise Care 365 is a popular tune-up utility. This software comes in free and a paid for version. The software is designed to boost the performance of your computer by cleaning out the junk that builds up over time, from Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache to Thumbnail Cache and much more. The software optimises the space and repairs minor problems and errors to help speed up your system.

A PC tune-up utility is an application that digs deep into your computer and fixes trouble areas. It performs several functions, including defragmenting your PC's hard drive, repairing the incredibly problematic Windows Registry, and freeing up disk space by deleting useless and duplicate files.

Downloading and installation

To start you can download the FREE version of Wisecare365, or to purchase a copy you can visit the Wisecleaner website here. If you are not sure we advise that you try for free first. Downloading and installing the software is straightforward.

Installation is fairly straightforward, and it is good to see no added extras like Google Chrome which some software adds on installation. On starting up the software you are presented with a mainly blue and white user interface. The Start tab is the PC Checkup tab, which displays a large Check Up Now button in the middle of the screen. On the right of the screen are 9 other tools available, some are only available in the Pro version.

Clicking on the Check Up Now button will run a default scan, once this has finished you are presented with a list of the problems the software has found. Above it is a “Fix” button which will clean up and optimise your computer, job done.

There is a lot more to this software than a quick scan and fix. Along the top of the software you have a number of tabs, the first as we know is the PC Checkup tab, and then there are System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector, System Monitor and Assistance. Clicking on any of these tabs brings up a list on the left of the screen of more utilities available.

For instance, clicking on the System Cleaner tab brings up utilities for Registry Cleaner, Common Cleaner, Advanced Cleaner, System Slimming and Big Files Manager.

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The System Tuneup tab is where most users would head first with the view of speeding up Boot time and boosting the overall performance of their systems. There are quite a few things to go through and check, but the options are fairly impressive, but simple to understand and give the user more control.

With the inclusion of tools such as a password generator, disk shredder and file shredder to name a few, it makes it so much easier that all the tools and utilities are available all in one place.

Many users state in reviews it is better than ccleaner, and after a couple of tests Wise Care 365 did seem to find more junk and delve deeper. It does give the user more control with so many tools available.

Conclusion The Free version is good, though the paid Pro version is much better offering extras, like Tech support, live updates, privacy protection, silent mode, big file manager and themes. That said, if you are installing on more than one machine you will need to purchase a licence for Wise Care 365, but it is worth it.

Manufacturer: Wisecleaner

Website: http://www.wisecleaner.com

Operating System Covered: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Price: Free Download / Paid version


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