Always Backup

Dont leave it until its too late.

Are you one of the many people who still goes through your digital life without a backup routine in place? In today's fast paced digital world, backing up your data files, photos, music, videos and documents is very important. Accidental deletion, hard drive failure, theft and even a natural disaster can lead to loss of your important and irreplaceable data. Even your iPhone or Android device should be backed up on a regular basis in case of an accident, or phone failure.

VPN - What is it?

OK, the first think most basic users will ask is what is a “VPN”? We will try and explain as simply as possible as, if you understand what it is, the chances are you may give it a try and help protect your privacy and increase security, especially when we all know how governments and businesses are constantly tracking our movements on the internet and invading our privacy. Being anonymous has to be one of the main advantages.

Bitdefender Total Security 2017

Bitdefender Total Security is the company’s ultimate security package with bags of features, top reviews and AV tests. Bitdefender's Antivirus Plus 2017, Internet Security 2017 and Total Security 2017 all use the same anti-malware detection engine, which starts with traditional signature-matching of known malware and adds heuristic monitoring of suspicious behaviour and suspicious code to catch shape-shifting bugs and zero-day malware.

Student Security Tips

Keep your hardware and data safe with some sensible advice.

Students have a lot to deal with and are extra vulnerable to crime. College Campuses, university halls and shared housing are full of students with laptops, mobile phones and other electronics ready to be stolen, and when you’re on a low income, even a minor theft can cause trouble. If it is a laptop that is taken it can be devastating.

Safe Online Banking

The Risks.

Online banking is a very secure and convenient way to access your bank's services. However, you need to be wary of fraudsters trying to gain access to your account. You could be tricked by phishing emails or vishing phone calls into disclosing your password and other confidential details.

  • Identity theft caused by viruses or spyware, giving criminals access to your bank account and other personal information stored on your computer. 
  • Malware on your computer that sends information to your bank that is different from that which you intended - for example the recipient of a payment. Malware could also introduce false fields such as 'enter your complete password' on an otherwise genuine site, by interfering with your browser. This is sometimes called a 'Man in the browser' attack.

System Mechanic

If your home or office PC isn’t starting up or loading applications at the same pace it did when you first unboxed it, installing and using tuning and optimisation software like iolo System Mechanic can help with the problems. Over time your system gets clogged with junk, temporary files and old registry entries, this can cause frustrating errors, crashes and freezes. Using tuning utility software can help restore maximum speed, power and stability.

Social Network Dangers

Bullying, harassment and sick posts are just a few of the dangers.

It is undeniable that social networks are a lot of fun and a very powerful tool in everyday life for many, especially for culture, political change and even disaster relief, but even these can be overshadowed by the dangers that lurk beneath. Usually free to join and open to young people and adults (sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a minimum age limit of 13 for registered users; Google+ restriction is 13, but different for South Korea, Spain and Netherlands) social networking sites allow registered members to set up personal profiles and then communicate with friends. .

5 Must Have PC Security and Utility Programs

A quick overview of the best software to have on your home or Office PC When it comes to what software you should think about having installed on your home or office PC it can become a real headache. From emails and our statistics, we give you the best software to use right now to help protect, back-up and keep your system in the best condition.


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