Acronis True Image Review

This is THE backup solution to beat.

Acronis has been a leader in local backup software for some time and for good reason. It offers home and business users a friendly and feature-packed solution. The software is a solid performer and continues to get better and better.

Backups are important - But have you updated your operating system, browser and other software installed on your PC, Mac or mobile device?

Huge Set of Features

Acronis True Image 2017 offers an array of backup options, including not only entire disk images but also file and folder backup. New for the 2017 version are mobile backup to PC, remote backup management and Facebook backup. Acronis has also added some “New Generation” features to its Premium subscription service:

"It is always important to make backups of your digital life. Photos, documents and work files".

  • Acronis Active Protection – Ransomware protection
  • Acronis Notary - Blockchain technology
  • Acronis ASign – Electronic signatures
  • Enhanced Security - Advanced algorithms encryption

The software is optimized for Windows 10, but it runs on versions of Windows back to Windows 7 SP1. For Macs, OS X 10.9.5 upwards. Apple iOS 8.0 and Android 4.1 or later versions.

Design and features of Acronis True Image 2017

True Image 2017 has a very user friendly interface that is simple to use and understand. It also feels more responsive than its recent predecessors. When you open the software you are automatically taken to the main backup screen.

This is highlighted as the first of seven tabs on the left hand side. The seven icons are Backup, Archive, Sync, Tools, Dashboard, Account and Settings. We could go into what each section can do, but this would make a lot of reading, and we always think it is better to trial the software first to see if you get on with it. What one home user or business thinks is really good, another will find awkward or clumsy.

Acronis True Image offers a premium selection of backup features, including cloud storage. At this moment in time cloud storage is only available as one of the “new generation” premium software options. The main features are:

  • File backup – Source selection, destination selection and then backup scheduling, backup scheme and advanced options.
  • Disk imaging – Entire PC, disks and partitions.
  • Clone disk – copy your main drive to another drive.

System Performance

After running a few tests which included backups and restores we were impressed with how fast the software performed. Acronis True Image completed the backups in less time than last year’s version without a glitch. We can’t see speed being too much of an issue for most users as backups tend to be performed after-hours when the user is not using their system.

That said, for users with older systems, they might be interested to know that True Image 2017 has six processes running in the background by default. While any performance hit will largely be unnoticeable in a relatively modern, multi-core system, older systems may struggle. If you are a bit worried about this then do try the trial version.

Now With Better Pricing Options

Acronis True Image 2017 is now available in flexible price and feature combinations which can be selected in an intuitive purchase area on the Acronis website.

You have three basic models to choose from:

  1. 1 time purchase (standard or essential)
  2. 1 year subscription (standard or plus)
  3. 1 year subscription (Premium)

The 1 time purchase is classed as “standard” in the UK and “Essential” in the US. The price is £34.99 and $49.99 respectively. This covers this year’s version only with no upgrades, and has backup and recovery for the full system, disk cloning and mobile device backup.

The 1 year subscription is classed as “standard” in the UK and “plus” in the US. The price is £29.99 and $39.99 respectively. With the subscription service you also receive 50GB online backup storage, Facebook backup, software upgrades and phone support.

The 1 year subscription Premium service is priced a £69.99 and $99.99 respectively. With the Premium subscription service you also receive 1TB online backup storage, Facebook backup, software upgrades and phone support, anti-ransomware protection, file certification and electronic signatures.

Which version do I purchase?

For most users Acronis True Image 1 time purchase is possibly the best solution. It is a solid backup solution with plenty of options, and if you are one of the users who feels safer backing up your data locally it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re a power user, or need help then the subscription service would be a better option as it offers phone support, online backup storage and the latest upgrades included.


Acronis True Image is a powerful home and business backup solution with many useful features. It’s solid, and does the job it is meant to do. With our digital lives we need to make sure we backup everything in case of disaster.

Don't take our word for it - Buy Acronis consumer software here, or Acronis Business Software here.

Manufacturer: Acronis International


Operating System Covered: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Mac OS X, iOS and Android

Price: Trial and Paid versions



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